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eSequence has over 25 years of expertise

eSequence has expertise in working with many of the industry leading ERP systems, including QuickBooks, Lawson/Infor, NetSuite, Workday, and many others, including complimentary products such as Adaptive Insights, Pega, Perceptive Vision, Crystal Reports, etc. helping clients go to “The Next Step”. From software evaluations, selections, business process designs, implementations, project management, reporting, or business optimizations.

our mission is simple and straightforward:

“get it done right the first time while exceeding the client’s expectations.”

our services

Software Evaluations and Selections

Request for Information (RFI)

Request for Proposal (RFP)

Business Process Improvements/Design

Technical Specifications for scripting or custom coding


Project Management

Business Optimizations

Report Development/Design


eSequence was initially formed to fill voids that many clients experienced when it implemented an ERP system. Including, complimentary products that were needed to get the project over the finish line.

Subsequently, eSequence’s subject matter expertise resulted in us assisting or taking over stalled projects and putting off course implementations back on track getting clients in line with their budgets and helping them meet the original timelines. Our company has evolved from utilizing our expertise to help clients to select and implement the right product. We have proficient knowledge in many of the leading cloud based ERP systems. Including, their complementary products. eSequence assistances you in your Next Step!


eric t. hawkins

Founder and owner, Eric T. Hawkins is a CPA, master application consultant, accounting professional and project manager who has been working with and implementing various ERP systems for over 25 years. Prior to consulting, Eric worked as a senior accountant, controller, and IT director for various companies. Eric has developed an expertise in financials, procurement, supply chain, and several complimentary products and services. Eric has successfully implemented and managed projects in the United States and Europe for organizations in the following industries: healthcare, insurance, retail, services, manufacturing, utilities, financial and associations just to name a few. Eric has also led many upgrades or new projects for his clients and has effectively migrated them to the newer version of the software or helped them select and implement a new ERP solution. Eric's practical experience and mastery of the financials, procurement and supply chain has enabled him to effectively help his clients go to “The Next Step”.


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